Science – Technology – Engineering – Arts – Math

Combine outdoor adventure with Math, Computer Science or Music. 

At Western State Colorado University, our students adventure both in and outside of the classroom.

Our camps are no different. In each, campers focus on developing Computer Science, Music or Math skills. The other half of the day they dedicate to outdoor explorations, like hiking and kayaking.  

Who Are You?

Computer Science Fan

Anyone can code with the simple languages we use.

Participants learn how to program in Python using the Panda3d game engine to create games and interactive animations. Campers build their own computer games and animations, and receive individualized attention from faculty, assisted by undergraduate Math and Computer Science students who help campers turn their ideas into reality. 

The Basics:

Who can come? All students entering 8th grade or above are welcome. 

Who Are You?

Math Enthusiast

The Mathematics Enrichment Camp is a unique opportunity to explore the exciting world of math. 

Campers go beyond topics discussed in school, diving into game theory, cryptography, geometry and fractals. Professors introduce the topics in the morning, and students apply their new knowledge in the afternoon. 

The Basics:

Who can come? All students entering 7th, 8th or 9th grade are welcome. 

When is it? Day campers: July 17 to July 21; Overnighters: July 16 to July 22.

Who Are You?

Computer Music Lover

At our Computer Music camp, participants delve into the science and theory behind music.

Campers examine a wide variety of music and employ user-friendly software to compose their own works: a Batucada, a film score, minimalist music, chance music and more.

At the end of camp, they present their original works for parents. Participants do not need to have any background in music to enjoy this camp. 

The Basics:

Who can come? All students entering 7th grade or above are welcome.